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Q:  When do you need Mobius?


A:   When you need it to work.

Mobius supply SIMs, Airtime and Private Networks around the world for IoT & M2M. Each of our customers is unique in what they offer their customers but they have one thing in common: They need their data in real time and they need it to work. That is why we are particularly strong in local authority, health, payment and retail applications when mobile has to work.

As the networks have got busier the gap in performance between Mobius and the rest has become more apparent. Whether its latency, packet loss or time on network Mobius offers an unrivalled level of connection.

But it’s not all down to the airtime. Mobius has a great track record in helping customers fine tune their systems as the networks adapt and change to the new requirements that Roaming and 4G have brought. Supported by our diagnostic tools our customers cut maintenance costs and deliver more reliably to their customers.

The best of networks. Mobius has picked the networks who can offer an advantage over the norm. Whither its reach, profile optimisation or technical excellence Mobius has already built up the relationships and support so you don’t have to.

When it has to deliver find out why we are the network of choice in four continents, contact us at for more information


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